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Anti-Counterfeit Product

Preventing the counterfeiting of sensitive and vulnerable products is a big business globally and one in which packaging plays a crucial role on the front lines in thwarting counterfeiting that causes economic damage and risks the health--and potentially the lives--of consumers.

M3TECH’s Anti-Counterfeit solution involves the overall process to counter any sort of counterfeiting and forging. M3TECH provides this solution to multiple clients based on their needs. A specific code is generated and assigned to the specific product. The code when scratched, is sent to the specific short code after which sender will receive confirmation message that the product is genuine or fake.


Why Choose M3TECH for Anti-Counterfeit Product?
  • Increase your ROI
  • Deliver at scale via API
  • Online dashboard for business insight
  • Extensive reporting and real-time insight
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
Key features
  • Ideal for B2C businesses
  • Tackles Counterfeiting
  • Rewards loyal customers
  • Keep loyal customers engaged
  • Enhances trust level of consumers