Smart VPBX 

Streamline Telecom without any complex wires and equipment.

A comprehensive solution for fast telephony organization and consistent quality customer service.

Business telephony should facilitate client and staff communication. Virtual PBAX M3TECH lets you tackle this problem more broadly and flexibly than the traditional telephone. A must-have tool for sales and marketing departments in any business. M3TECH cloud telephony easily interacts with major messengers and CRM systems. It allows you to automate common procedures and engage with consumers wherever they are most comfortable, combining voice and text communication in a single window. M3 Technologies provides over 50 features, increasing and accelerating your firm's performance while saving effort and money. Virtual mobile PBAX from M3TECH is appropriate for Small, medium, and large Enterprises. You can choose multiple service packages at the same time and choose the best tariff.

M3TECH Virtual PBAX for your tasks

Fast communication

Technical support will quickly connect and configure telephone for your organization.

Robot Controller

Gives your customers consistent help and never let them get a busy signal, thus increase sales.

Online Consultant

Call and chat in one widget to avoid losing customers and make communication easy.

Communication security

Protection against call fraud - Limit the maximum number of concurrent open lines.