SMS Messaging

P2P (Person to Person)

P2P, or person-to-person messaging, is generally defined as a two-way (back and forth) messaging conversation between two humans. This could be messages between friends on mobile phones, or messages connecting two people using M3TECH's REST API as a conduit.

P2P SMS Service is process of sending mobile messages from one user to another, where an SMS message travels between two mobile subscribers. This is the usual traffic between subscribers of mobile operators. The main usage examples include basic text messaging, various chat services etc.

M3TECH’s P2P messaging solution takes global messaging provision to the next level. Extend your international messaging coverage across all wireless standards. Ensure rapid and reliable SMS delivery and benefit from unrivalled international coverage, mobile number portability support and delivery receipt integrity.


Why Choose M3TECH for P2P Messaging?
  • Scalable platform built for reliable performance
  • Increase your ROI
  • Advanced routing
  • Online dashboard for business insight
  • Secure against spam
Key features
  • Low latency two-way direct connections with more than 500 operators
  • More than 1000 destinations covered worldwide
  • Mobile number portability support in over 70 countries
  • Reliable delivery with delivery receipt integrity
  • Built-in prevention from SMS fraud, spam, and unsolicited messages
  • Automatic back up routing system
  • Superior online reporting with monthly/ weekly/ daily statistics, trend analysis, CDR downloads, QoS metrics and real-time message tracking